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Paywall 3.0#

Paywall 3.0 is our latest content monetization application featuring innovations and optimizations over its preceding versions. To find the Paywall 3.0 embed code for your asset(s) go to your InPlayer Dashboard and proceed to the 'Assets' section.

InPlayer Paywall v3.0

Paywall 2.0#

The Paywall 2.0 is a UI Library that can be used to easily achieve web-based premium content solutions. The core usage of the paywall is an embed code for each premium video that can be embedded into any website.

InPlayer Paywall v2.0

Paywall 1.0#

The Paywall 1.0 is the first version of the InPlayer embeddable UI Library. Though it is not deprecated, we do recommend that you migrate to our latest library for better experience.

InPlayer Paywall v1.0

SDK for JavaScript#

The JavaScript SDK is a lower level library that can be used to develop custom web-based premium content solutions. The paywall, on the one hand, is an embeddable UI library that has certain restrictions. The SDK, on the other hand, offers a more flexible way for development by covering each paywall functionality in user-friendly methods.

SDK for JavaScript

SDK for IOS#

The iOS SDK is a software development kit by InPlayer that enables the development of mobile apps, in the field of content monetization, on Apple's iOS operating system.


SDK for Android#

The Android SDK includes a set of development tools that allows for the development of premium content mobile apps with the functionalities of the InPlayer platform on Google's Android operating system.

SDK for Android